How we work

We have a number of ways of working with clients to help bring about change for the better.


Facilitation helps you to identify and program ways to achieve your goals. Good facilitators enable change, and they ensure that you ‘own’ the outcomes of the facilitation; they do not direct. Facilitation is particularly valuable in moving groups that have differences of opinion towards a consensus.


Our educational programs have been delivered at a number of campuses and companies. Educational programs typically involve deep immersion in theories, models and frameworks. Educational programs allow participants to pursue high level cognitive goals including analysis and synthesis, and to develop capabilities that promote fundamental personal change.


Customised training programs develop attitudes, skills and knowledge that your people can immediately use in the workplace.


Coaching is about promoting personal and enduring change in employees.  Frequently this is done by developing episodes, events and exercises that raise questions, prompt new ways of thinking or self-reflection. 


Mentoring typically involves more experienced people passing on their knowledge and insight to those less experienced on a 1-to-1 basis. Successful mentors accelerate career development.


Consulting focuses on helping you improve your customer management performance, primarily through the analysis of existing problems and the development of plans and strategies for improvement that incorporate evidence-based best practice.


Research involves the generation and interpretation of data to answer a question that is significant to your business. Francis and most of his network of associates have high level research degrees, many at doctoral level, and are highly accomplished and published researchers. They are experienced in choosing the most appropriate methodology to answer any given management question, and in a range of research qualitative and quantitative methodologies including simple descriptive statistics, more complex multivariate analysis, qualitative methods and social network analysis.

Key-note presentations

Inviting an external speaker to address a sales conference or strategic meeting is a way of marking the beginning of a new management initiative or simply stirring up people to think differently.

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