Chapter 1, free sample chapter, from Customer Relationship Management: Concepts and Technologies, 3rd edition (2015), by Francis Buttle and Stan Maklan. This is the best-selling textbook adopted by universities around the world. 

The third edition of Customer Relationship Management brings this text right up-to-date with contemporary CRM practice. It not only has substantial coverage of the 3 main forms of CRM – strategic, operational and analytical – but also covers contemporary issues such as social CRM, Big Data and analytics for unstructured data. The book’s 400 pages and 15 chapters are organised into 5 sections: 1. Understanding customer relationships; 2. Strategic CRM; 3. Operational CRM; 4. Analytical CRM; 5. Realising the benefits of CRM; 6. Looking to the future. Instructors who adopt the book for use as a course text can get access to a range of support materials including PowerPoint decks for every chapter and a number of exercises and projects for students. 

Last Modified: March 24, 2015