Customer management

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Francis Buttle is a Sydney-based expert on marketing, customer service, customer experience and CRM. He has 40 years experience helping organisations solve customer management problems. Over these years, he’s built a network of amazingly talented people with whom he has worked on many engagements.


Marketing, customer service, customer experience and CRM

Francis and his talented friends work with clients to solve problems in marketing, customer service, customer experience and CRM. Creating and keeping customers is the sole purpose of any for-profit organisation. Customers create revenues; everything else creates costs. If customers are not satisfied with their experiences, the chances are that they’ll churn. Being smart at recruiting and retaining the right sorts of customers – those who are profitable – is vital. Delivering the right sorts of customer experience, quality and value goes a long way to ensuring high levels of customer retention, engagement and word-of-mouth.

Non-profits, too, need to be focussed on meeting or exceeding the expectations of clients, sponsors, partners, donors and volunteers. 

What do we do?

Client engagements are many and varied:

Running workshops to embed new ways of thinking and bring about change.
Coaching or mentoring senior team members recently recruited to marketing, sales or customer service positions.
Conducting confidential client-specific research into an important customer management problem.
Delivering keynote presentations that are aligned with a significant management initiative.
Collaborating on strategy development and implementation.

Here’s a sample of clients and projects.

Evidence-based customer management

Francis and his talented friends are committed to evidence-based customer management practice. Our engagements draw on evidence about what works and what doesn’t, and if proof isn’t available we have the skills and experience to co-create, with our clients, the knowledge necessary. Research expertise available ranges from simple descriptive analysis, through advanced multivariate quantitative methods, to qualitative methodologies and social network analysis.

Andrew Lane’s Young Sherlock Holmes story “Fire Storm” offers these words of wisdom: “Finding evidence that backs up your theories ain’t useful, but finding evidence that your theories are wrong is priceless.” Opinions are everywhere; evidence is not. We are all committed to evidence-based management practice.


Between us, my talented friends and I have well over 200 years of experience in the customer management disciplines. Our expertise ranges across marketing, sales, communication, CRM, complaints management, customer experience and customer value. 


You can download Francis’s CV here, and learn more about the experience and background of his talented friends here.

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